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Instalación RSRBR 2016

RSRBR  : Presentation and Installation

  • Presentation

    RSRBR is an add'on offered by Rallyesim for the game Richard Burns Rally.

    1. Brief history:
      RSRBR exists since 2005. It groups together in a single file all the advancements that offer developers and modders: cars, special textures, surfaces, etc ...
      The installation comprises three parts: 
        - RSRBR : 
        - All Track pack  : 
        Attention, the file "All Track Pack" includes six chunks to download. See below for installation pack.
        - All Car pack* (toutes les voitures) : 
        (*) : You can choose the car packs that you use instead of "All Car Pack". See below.
    2. What changes compared to other RSRBR ?
      As last year, each player can adjust and manage packs of cars based on its needs and its place on the hard disk. The new interface RSCenter is also "modular": windows repositionable at will, visualization of cars and their characteristics, information on special chosen, weather ...

    3. The special BTB
      Rallyesim continues to encourage the creation of special BTB, even if they do not evolve towards integrating in the championships (no replays, missing collisions, etc ...)
      New packs - Country  : PortugalArgentinaItaly ….  and other updates on the beautiful Sweden and Finland , among many.
      They are all playable online on the public sessions.
    4. The special standard
      The last few years was full of news! Due to teams such as German Garage, Savo Training Team and many other persons of all countries! Not counting the few passionate about Rallyesim who continue to work in the shadow.

    Rallyesim warmly thank all the creators
    who were willing give their agreement to integrate their creations in RSRBR / RSCenter 
    We also thank all those involved in the development of this game,
    at the level of screens / videos of creation (cars, special skins, etc ...)
    tests (physics, updates, software), and other.....

    You are more and more people to lend your support to Rallyesim  o|:)
  • Uninstall / install 

    • If necessary uninstall your game or your old version

    1. Use the "BackupRSRBR.exe" to your backup files (located in the game folder to the root)
    2. Uninstall RSRBR  via the control panel
    3. Uninstall your game Richard Burns Rally (strongly advised to have a clean install later) via the control panel
    4. Check your disk than all folders / subfolders and files have been deleted : if any remain, remove them manually

    • Download files

    1. Download file Install_RSRBR.exe HERE
    2. Download Track pack HERE : It contains 7 files, one executable (Install_RSRBR.exe) and 6 files .bin.
    3. Download Car packs (all, one, two ... following you use) HERE
    4. Download all available updates mandatory HERE

       ! "Aube" wrote:
      CAUTION !!!
      Make sure your antivirus does not block files.
      You can check if your files are not corrupt by using the "Sum MD5" proposed under each download: you compare the sum you get with the sum under the download link
      "Download xxx"

    • Install your game and RSRBR

    1. Install the game Richard Burns Rally

       ! "Aube" wrote:
      CAUTION !!!
      If necessary, to the next step, disable your antivirus : this can prevent the installation of the add'on RSRBR If you have Windows Vista or 7-8-10, follow this tutorial : Install under Vista/Windows 7 - 8 & 10
      Delete all old. exe that are in the list, restart your PC, then install all new. exe in the folder of the game and restart the computer. For Windows 8, see HERE
    2. Two clicks on the file Install_RSRBR.exe to launch scripts: if the window is slow to open, it is normal ... please wait.
        Choose your language.
        Follow the instructions without forgetting check the path to your original game 

         ! "Aube" wrote:
        If you receive an error message "invalid fingerprint", Please verify that the software is installed in the right place: the installation path must be the root of your game

        The installation may take some time, please wait, even if your screen seems wedged
    3. Two clicks on the Install_Pack_Tracks.exe to launch script : to launch install.exe, all the files .bin will install automatically , it requires no action on your part 
        Choose your language.
        Follow the instructions without forgetting check the path to your original game 

         ! "Aube" wrote:
        Caution !
        You must imperatively have downloaded 5 files before starting the installation!

         ! "Aube" wrote:
        Caution !

        If you receive an error message "invalid fingerprint", Please verify that the software is installed in the right place: the installation path must be the root of your game

        If at the end of the complete installation does not start RSCenter 
        , make sure you have installed the package special (Tracks pack)
    4. Two clicks on the Install_Pack_ALL_Packs.exe to launch script.
        Choose your language
        Follow the instructions without forgetting check the path to your original game 

         ! "Aube" wrote:
        If you receive an error message "invalid fingerprint", Please verify that the software is installed in the right place: the installation path must be the root of your game

        To install packages or group of individual packs, follow the tutorial proposed HERE
        If car missing in your RSCenter, make sure you have downloaded and installed the car packs and the associated update (if any).
    5. Two clicks on the fichier Install_Update_00.exe to launch script : This is to replicate for each update and in numerical order !
      Check if there are other updates (cars, special, etc ...).Please read correctly and completely the message downloading, all indications are given.
    6. Optional : You can download extra special about a hundred HERE (BTB Country Packs).
      • Installation instructions are on the messages.
      Caution : These special require a good graphic card and PC, though they do not work, post your questions or requests for assistance in the "Software support" or " Hardware Support " on thr forum.
      These specials are playable online RSRBRLive , but are not included in official championships for the reasons mentioned above .

  • Launch the game

     ! "Aube" wrote:
    The profile MULLIGATAWNY* is automatically created by RSRBR  : you absolutely must use to play with RSCenter.
    If you saved your old profile with BackUpRSRBR.exe, you can restore it in your game.

     ! "Aube" wrote:
    Caution !
    You must make your configurations wheel, joystick, sound setting, view, etc. ... from the original game not launch RSCenter, or use his buttons, it will not save your settings !

    During installation, the file created two icons on your desktop:

    • Image RSCenter Menu : launch directly interface "Menu"
    • Image Lanceur d'Add'on : Several options are available to start.


      1. Setup Manager
      2. Skin Manager see INSTALLATION SKIN : Self-extracting file
      3. PaceNote Manager (not supplied, for download on the forum) : PACENOTES MANAGER v2.5
      4. 3D Manager
      5. Send Replays
      6. Send Times
      7. RSCenter : voir TUTORIEL
    • Double-click the icon RSCenter Menu to launch theinterface (click once if you do it from the Launcher Add'on). Choose your action:

      • Image : in Register (on RSRBRLive  : put the same username and password on the same interface and enrollment Live)
      • Image : Alone
      • Image : Public (play in public session)
      • Image : Championship (Official championship play)

See more on the Use tutorial RSCenter : CLICK HERE

Good game !

The staff Rallyesim

(*) The profile MULLIGATAWNY : that player name allows you to unlock ALL cars and ALL Special To play the game RSCenter (RSRBR), it is ESSENTIEL , even if you already have your own profile. The absence of this profile in your game is a probable cause of non-operation of the latter. CAUTION: It is mandatory create this profile using the original game "Richard Burns Rally_SSE.exe" and not by RSCenter.
It is normally created automatically to the installation RSRBR

Do not forget to select in the settings  RSCenter.

lunes, 5 de noviembre de 2012

Plugin húngaro. update 1.1

Rallysimfans RBR 2012 v1.1

v1.1 (2012-11-04):
- Gran Canaria ROC 2000 Sombras
- Nuevos tramos:
Swiss Grava
Swiss Asfalto
Foron II

Gracias a:
Hlavacsek Istvan, atiwrc, Tibi, Code_79

Rallysimfans RBR 2012 v1.1 update

sábado, 26 de mayo de 2012

Rallysimfans RBR 2012 v1.0 (Nueva denominación y cambios para el Húngaro)

Rallysimfans RBR 2012 v1.0
Nuevo instalador para el el Richard Burns Rally de
Hay dos instaladores, uno sólo es una actualización que contiene sólo los cambios y los elementos nuevos y el segundo es el de la instalación de todo RBR Rallysimfans que necesita una instalación limpia.
El instalador incluye el parche 1.02 y el plugin  de Rallysimfans.

Rallysimfans RBR 2012 v1.0

v1.0 (05/21/2012):
- Parche oficial v1.02
- Rallysimfans plug-in
- Corrección plug-in v1.5
- Perfil para abrir los coches y slots.
- Las últimas pistas
- Placas publicitarias
- Nuevas pantallas de carga
- NUEVO logo de tiempo.
- NUEVOS comisarios, cambia la vestimenta. 
- NUEVO helicóptero de rescate
- Mejora de la textura del agua
- Mejora la textura del fuego del escape
- El programa de instalación mueve los archivos innecesarios en la carpeta de copias de seguridad
- El instalador elimina la protección contra escritura para su correcto funcionamiento
- Win7/Vista los usuarios: El programa de instalación configura el "Administrador" y el "Windows XP SP3" en la compatibilidad para el correcto funcionamiento
- Win7/Vista los usuarios: opción en el instalador para desactivar la "(UAC)" y tener un correcto funcionamiento

Además del nuevo diseño nos gustaría presentar la primera pista creada por completo para el plugin húngaro hecho a medida: Gran Canaria ROC 2000

Agradecimientos especiales a:
Hlavacsek Istvan, atiwrc, Tibi, por la nueva pista
Code_79, Hlavacsek Istvan para la preparación del Rallysimfans RBR 2012.

Rallysimfans RBR 2012 v1.0 (1,05Gb)

Rallysimfans RBR 2012 v1.0 update (87,3Mb)